IMP Consulting follows the tradition of open strategy and innovation. We stand for unique, coherent and sustainable business logics.

The best way to master strategic challenges and create innovative business logic is to gather a variety of perspectives and bring in people whose point of view goes beyond what is typical in the industry or specific to the company. Our solutions are created by structurally integrating internal knowledge and especially external knowledge. Our consultants in the Munich, Innsbruck, Vienna, Zurich and São Paulo offices have access to a close network of carefully selected international experts through the IMP Network of Excellence.

IMP promises performance that goes above and beyond classical management consulting. We share business risks, work closely together with our clients’ teams, orchestrate complementary partners for value creation and mobilize the organization to adopt a new approach. Take a look at the IMP portfolio here.

The transition from business model to business logic begins with members of management actively reflecting on their business model.

As this happens, isolated factors begin to lose importance in favor of an integrated form of managerial logic. This managerial logic systematically incorporates dimensions such as market demands and trends, lines of force and expertise, one’s own positioning, comprehensive solutions, value creation logic and revenue model and identifies how these dimensions interact with one another.

Consistency, distinctiveness and future viability are what make a business model a business logic. These are our criteria for today’s strategic work.

A partner with strategic, technological and business expertise whose value proposition goes above and beyond that of classical management consulting.

As a co-innovator, IMP (i) develops creative solutions, (ii) translates ideas into viable business logic and (iii) actively supports new business from initial concept and market entry to the start of operations, scaling and capitalizing on the new.

As a co-innovator, IMP works closely with the client’s team, brings in outside expertise, coordinates complementary value creation partners, mobilizes organizations in support of the new and shares in the entrepreneurial risks.